A trendsetter in environment

In 2016, the Beerfest successfully diverted from landfill 67% of the waste materials generated during the event, compared to 32% in 2014, crowning him winner in the ”Prevention / Reduction at the source” category at Les Vivats, Les prix Loto-Québec, rewarding the best green practices in the event scene in Quebec! Following the remarkable ecological success of the 2016 edition, and in partnership with Enviro Éduc-Action, the 2017 Beerfest has been designed to maximize eco-responsibility.


Because every little bit helps

Since 2016, eco-responsible measures include providing exhibitors with reusable food and beverage containers and cutlery, in order to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, increase our social responsibility, and reduce exhibitors’ costs for these materials. A team of volunteers takes care of washing and replenishing the dishes to the exhibitors, throughout the festival.

As well, blue recycling bins and composting stations are installed on the festival site so that you can practice your sorting technique! Beer, cider, spirits and wine samples will be served in a reusable plastic Ecocup glass. Festivalgoers are encouraged to return their cup when leaving the event so that it can be re-used next year.


Reusable Ecocup glass

As a festival-goer, you will receive a 10oz Ecocup plastic reusable glass*. You will receive your glass at your entrance on site, and upon showing your admission ticket. Beer, cider and wine tastings will be served in your Ecocup. When leaving the venue, in order to be eco-responsible yourself, you will be encourager to deposit your glass in stations for this purpose.

* For collectors, a souvenir glass will also be available for purchase.

Because every little bit helps!