How does cashless payment work?

Your RFID wristband serves as your admission ticket and digital wallet. RFID wristbands will be the only method of payment accepted by on-site vendors.


To make purchases, just tap your wristband on the RFID readers installed at various points of sales. Vendors will not accept cash, debit or credit card payments. Load FestiDollars onto your cashless account and you’re ready to use your RFID wristband.

Think of it as a prepaid card!

*For more information about cashless payment, please  visit our FAQ section.

What are the advantages of the RFID wristband and cashless payment system?

  • Faster transaction times
  • Shorter wait times and lineups
  • No more fumbling in your pockets for tickets or tokens
  • Efficient and saves times through pre-top-up and auto-top-up
  • Safer and more secure than carrying cash or credit cards
  • After the event, you’ll receive a list of the beers you sampled


How do I add FestiDollars to my cashless account?

There are several ways to load FestiDollars onto your account.

Before the event:

During the event:

  • At one of the top-up stations on the festival site, using cash or your debit or credit card.
  • Through the cashless payment page, using your smartphone.

*Any leftover (unspent) funds in your account will be refunded to you after the event. For more information, please see the Refund Policy section.