Is the Beerfest indoors or outdoors?
This year, the Beerfest is outdoors.

What happens in case of rain?
In case of rain, the outdoor venue remain open.

What are the event hours?
Thursday May 31, 2018: 3pm-11pm
Friday June 1, 2018: 3pm-11pm
Saturday June 2, 2018: Noon-11pm

At what time does the Beerfest’s box office close?
One hour before the festival’s closure.

Is it possible to buy tickets at the entrance?
Yes, tickets will be available at the entrance at the regular price.

What is the regular price of a ticket and glass?
1 day: $25 (taxes included)
3 days: $30 (taxes included)

12 to 17 years old:
1 day: $10 (taxes included)
3 days: $15 (taxes included)

*Free for those 11 years old and younger accompanied by an adult

When does the presale end?
On May 27th, 2018

Do you offer group packages?
Yes, group packages are available for groups of 10 +. To obtain more information in regards to group packages, please send us an email at

Do I have to buy a ticket to get in and another ticket for the shows?
No! Admission tickets give you access to the entire site, including the shows.

Can I bring my chair on site to watch the shows?
No, chairs are not accepted on site.

I cannot attend the event anymore. May I receive a reimbursement? 
No, tickets are not refundable.

I purchased my ticket for the wrong session. Can I exchange it?
Yes, but only until May 24th by sending a request by email to

If I purchase a presale ticket, do I still wait to get in?
By purchasing your ticket in advance, you will have access to the fast “presale” line.

Is it possible to validate my presale ticket directly on my smart phone?

Can I receive my online purchases by mail?
No, products bought online are collected at the entrance to the event.

How do I go about collecting my bracelet and souvenir glass bought during the presale?
You much go in the “presale” line with your electronic ticket.

Can I collect my bracelet bought during the presale for a friend?
Yes. Make sure you have a copy of the electronic ticket you received when you made the purchase.

If I bought two tickets in the same transaction, do both people have to present themselves at the same time?
No. Each ticket bought will generate a single electronic ticket.

How much does it cost for a beer sample (4 oz.)?
On average, $2.

How many different kinds of beer will there be?
There will be over 300 different kinds of beers.

Do have a selection of vegetarian exhibitors?
Some exhibitors offer vegetarian food, but no concession is strictly veggie.

Is there parking?
There will be parking available on site. We suggest using public transportation or parking in the neighboring streets.

What kind of glass is it?
In order to be environmentally responsible, this year you we receive a 10oz Ecocup reusable plastic glass. A limited amount of souvenir glasses will be available for purchase.

Can I bring my own glass?
Unfortunately, no. As per stated by the Museum, only Ecocup plastic glasses are accepted on site.

Are credit and debit cards accepted on site?
At the exhibitors discretion. But there will be ATMs machine on site.

Will there be an ATM machine on site?
Yes, there will 4 ATMs on site.

Is the festival accessible to people with reduced mobility?

What if I ride my bike to get to the event?
That’s awesome! We do have bike racks.

Is the event open to all ages?
Yes. It is free for people aged 11 and under accompanied by an adult.

Are those aged 17 and under allowed inside at all times?
After 10:30pm, only people aged 18 and older are allowed inside.

Are dogs allowed on site?

Is there a wine and spirits bar?

Is there a Lost and Found?
Yes, it will be at the box office