Mort Rose

June 2 - RBC Stage

After their song “La Femme flamme” held the top spot on Université de Montréal campus radio CISM’s Francophone charts throughout the summer of 2017, Mort Rose emerged as the band to watch on Quebec’s independent music scene. Their music is inspired by the irreverence of those like Father John Misty and Chocolat; but, mostly by bands like César et les Romains. From rockabilly to crooner – with their pop influences never too far behind – they share one desire: to make people feel like making out. Barry White knew it too; there’s just something nice about having people making babies to your music. Mort Rose is the result of lead singer Alexandre Archambault’s time spent travelling the world in search of the meaning of love. What is love? How do you make it? Who makes it best? And just like that, the answer came to him. Mort Rose is about giving your heart, your body, your booty. It’s one evening, two strangers, one dance, one night. It’s heat, it’s sex. It’s making love with a strong taste of cigarette in your mouth. It’s la Mort Rose.